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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 24, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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making news in america this morning -- the battleground focus of hillary clinton and donald trump. our new polls show trump has new ground to make up. only 15 days to go, the strategies both are deploying. we're live with the latest. we have new details about the deadly in southern california. the horrific death toll and injured now recovering. police are on the scene saying they have never seen anything like it. and breaking news this morning, a fiery plane crash. the aircraft going up in flames seconds after takeoff. late word of european officials on board that plane. and shots fired, caught on camera. this is an officer and his guest in a police cruiser chasing a suspect in a car when the passenger opens fire. now the search is on for the
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good monday morning, everyone. hillary clinton starting this new week riding high as in the polls as the race for the white house heads into the final two week stretch. >> donald trump is now trailing clinton by 12 points, dragged down by broad disapproval. but trump is coming out swinging, repeating claims that the system is rigged the. angelica spanos is here with more. >> reporter: kendis, diane, good morning to you guys. with little time left to campaign, donald trump's team is acknowledging he's down in the polls. so he's hunkering down in florida. one of the swing states that polls show is still competitive. meanwhile, hillary clinton spent sunday in north carolina, which she hopes to have in her column come election day. in a race against time and still fighting allegations of sexual misconduct, donald trump is looking forward in the must-win state of florida.
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among female voters than with male voters. >> i'll tell you what, we're doing well in the polls. but you know, i really think those polls are very inaccurate when it comes to women. i think we're doing better with women than with men, frankly. >> reporter: newly confident, hillary clinton taking her campaign to church in north carolina. >> we gotta actually start interacting again with people we don't agree with. i do that all the time. [ laughter ] because we can't fix our problems if we don't. >> reporter: president obama in las vegas saying that trump's claim of a rigged election is a sign that he's losing. >> you've got a guy who proves himself unfit for this office every single day, every single way. and on the other side, you've
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presidency, hillary rodham clinton. >> reporter: and that new poll shows clinton with a 20-point advantage with women. and a three-point edge with men. a group that's typically tilted toward trump for most of the race until now. back to you. >> for the first time, the trump campaigned admitting they're behind. angelica, thank you. and an abc news poll shows more trole trump. 59% don't believe the election is rigged. he's losing dramatically among nonwhites. he's four points ahead among whites. and there's a bit of good news for trump. he picked up a major endorsement from nevada's largest newspaper. in backing trump, "the las vegas review journal" says he doesn't represent the danger his critics
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and taking a look at where the candidates will be today, trump travels through florida with stops in st. augustine and tampa. his running mate, mike pence, will be in north carolina. hillary clinton makes an appeal to new hampshire voters today. and tim kaine is headed to florida. we're tracking several breaking news stories. starting with a deadly plane crash overseas. new video just in to us shows the flaming wreckage and dark smoke at the airport in malta. five people were killed. when the plane crashed just after takeoff. an eyewitness said the plane suddenly tipped on to its right side and went straight down into the ground. on board, we're learning there were european officials on board that plane. we'll continue to stay on top of the story. also breaking overnight, the passing of anti-war activist turned politician tom hayden. he was a member of the famed chicago seven. he was later a california lawmaker for nearly two decades. he was married to jane fonda for
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story this morning. a horrific bus crash in california. 13 people were killed. dozens others injured when a bus plowed into the rear of a tractor trailer. >> the bus was returning from a casino in the early morning hours. adrienne bankert is there. >> reporter: the tour bus crashed into the semi truck's trailer on this stretch of desert highway near palm springs about 100 miles from los angeles. the force of collision is plain to see in the mangled wreckage. the entire front of the bus penetrated the back of the big rig. the california highway patrol says the bus was moving significantly faster than the truck. >> i will tell you that the speed of the bus was so significant that when it hit the back of the big rig trailer, the trailer itself entered about 15 feet into the bus. >> reporter: this is all that's left of the semi behind us. from witness accountses it afeared big rig swallowed that
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of sees in the front of the bus were crushed by the impact. firefighters using ladders to remove the bodies. the highway patrol gathered the victims' personal effects. heavy machinery was needed to pull apart the massive wreckage. >> in almost 35 years, i've never been to a crash where there are 13 confirmed fatal accidents. it's tough. >> reporter: one doctor said some of the people's wounds could have been much worse. >> this bus struck something when you usually see someone involved in a high-speed motor vehicle crash, the thing that you see is big-time broken bones. this is not one of the circumstances we were faced with. >> reporter: adrienne bankert, abc news, indio, california. turns our focus overseas again. the offensive to retake the city of mosul enters its eighth day. it's expected to take months to regain control of iraq's second
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are more than 5,000 u.s. service members in iraq. 500 of them are on the front lines with the iraqis. and secretary of defense ash carter was in northern iraq where he spoke to abc's martha raddatz about the danger the u.s. troops are facing. >> make no mistake, whether they're flying airplanes overhead or whether they're advising units on the ground, even behind the front lines, they are at risk. it's also important that must do this. we have to protect ourselves. >> dozens of iraqi forces are believed to have been killed since the battle for mosul started. one american, navy chief petty officer jason finan was hit by an ied, the first u.s. death since the offensive start there had. iran weighs in on the u.s. election. president rouhani said the
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he said there's no morality in the u.s. he referenced the way the candidates accused and mocked each other. he asked iranians, do we want the same in our country? coming up, what the proposed deal between at&t and time warner will mean for customers at home. and also this scene, what could cause a medical helicopter to wind up on its side like this? and what's responsible? and, check out this fiery incident right in the middle of a busy bridge. we have details on what exactly was burning when we come back.
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fire, which closed part of the delaware memorial bridge for hours. there's concerns about what the proposed at&t time warner merger would mean for consumers. privacy advocates say it would mean the ability to track customers' movements and target tiszing and programming to them. but others say the new company would be able to provide more and better content. some worry time warner would charge at&t competitors more for its programming. a good business move. the search is now called off far missing hiker in oregon. 21-year-old annie schmidt was last seen a week ago in the columbia river gorge. investigators don't suspect foul play. they worry she may have gotten lost or injured. her mother admits she does not think she's alive. the search is expected to resume if any credible leads develop. authorities in north dakota are bracing for more protests after weekend clashes over a
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used by activists yesterday. the drone got too close to a law enforcement helicopter and the passengers on board feared for their lives. more than 200 people have been arrested since demonstrations started in august. the device that changed the way the world listens to music has reached a milestone. believe it or not, the ipod is now 15 year old. steve jobs introduced the first ipod on october 23, 2001. it was as thick as a deck of cards. and held 1,000 invexs like the iphone. for the first time this year, you may be able to take a selfie of yourself in the voting booth. it depends on where you live. some state nous have laws that specifically allow photos. and some specifically prohibit them. in most states, it's gray area. voting booth selfies are either not addressed, the laws are subject to interpretation or impossible to enforce. >> huh. when we come back, an officer's guest in a patrol car
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-max clear & cool. feel the menthol burst. and clear your worst cold symptoms. let's end this. crews in the see square ra nevada are taking an explosive approach to moving giant boulders blocking the roadway. now they just blow them up. they're apparently tooig take an way by regular loor tools or vehicles. >> roads into sierra nevada are likely to be wet this morning, as are the roads in the rockies. if you're flying, airport delays are most likely in san francisco and salt lake city. for one woman outside of fresno, california, a ride-along turned into a terrifying experience. >> that's because their squad car came under attack during what was a traffic stop.
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watch this dash cam video. the officer has a civilian guest in the car for a ride-along. >> he's not stopping? you're kidding me, right? >> reporter: the officer realizes the driver is not planning on pulling over. the officer and the civilian in full pursuit. >> he has a gun, no, no, no, no. >> shots fired. >> reporter: right after the turn you can see the gunfire. >> shots fired! >> reporter: a l pleads to stop the chase. >> no, no. don't follow him. >> reporter: the fire-fight disabling the police car. it rolls to a stop. the suspects taking off on foot. the officer and civilian sur sooifing. those suspects are still on the loose. we'll is have much more coming up on "good morning america." to oklahoma. an intense manhunt is under way for man wanted for allegedly shooting two police officers
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he's identified as michael vince, recently released from jail for child sex assault. overnight, two of his relatives were shot dead. >> he hit the officers down low, where everything is not real vital. and, you know, but -- if he had got them up around the vest area or whatever, it could have been a whole lot different. >> police say vance shot and car jacked a woman. all of the victims are zplrvelgts and a new mexico man is charge rd drunk driving this morning after crashing into not only a vehicle but a helicopter as well. the 26-year-old man allegedly drove through a barricade on a highway before plowing into a fire truck and a medical chopper. a landing zone had been set up. luckily, the helicopter was unokay pid and not running. sports. the indians and the cubs, well,
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of the the world series, which takes place tomorrow night in cleveland. >> now, let's ge football highlights from espn. i'm john buccigross. if you went to bed early last night and didn't see the end of the cardinals-seahawk game, there was no winner. what? you ask. here's what. the cardinals look like they're going to win. almost in. now we have a chip shot field goal. this should be chandler catanzaro. and he misses it. it hits the upright. overtime continues. now, seattle has an easy field goal to win the game. and they miss it. steven hauska, no, pete carroll. 6-6 tie. it's not a loss. it's not a win. eh. this was a good game. this one went to overtime. but somebody won.
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chargers down by ten late. philip rivers to melvin gordon. atlanta can win the game at the end of regulation. matt bryant, oh, it hits the lower part of the left upright. we go to overtime. in overtime, josh lambo field to win it. and he does. they win the game in overtime. one more football game left this week. it's on espn tonight. "monday night football" from denver. enjoy your monday, america. >> all right, our thanks there. up next in "the pulse." bill murray all dressed for the evening. his big award. and how he stole the show. and the kid who thought no one was watching. so he did this. all while he told his parents he was sleeping. see how they found out. to me the acidity of foods and what they can do to your teeth.
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time now for "the pulse." starting with a big honor for the one and only bill murray. he's known for his movies and for his antics lately. like crashing bachelor parties and bar tending here in new york city. >> he wore a tuxedo last night. dressed to impress. ta l in washington, d.c. [ cheers and applause ] the 51st state in the union. >> i'm sure d.c. loved that. murray joins the ranks of such comedy lems as bob newhart,
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highlights from the ceremony air on pbs on friday. >> a big day for bill murray. we mentioned the world series getting under way tomorrow night. for those wants a seat, it will be rather expensive. >> one search engine found tickets for game one averaging more than $3,000. it's a lot more when it comes to game three. the cubs' first home game on friday night. >> those tickets, according the the same search engine are average more tan $6,000 ea have two teams that have waited generation farce world series win. the cubs are going on 108 years. >> can you -- yeah. and cleveland since 1948. this next story may keep some moms and dads up at night. that's because this is what a florida father found while reviewing his some security video. >> not a ghost. >> his son, dylan, breaking all the rules at about 2:00 in the
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he turns the lights on and off. he apparently, at some point, realizes he's on camera, because, you can see the last image of the video. dad said he's kind of torn between grounding dylan and hugging him for the funny surprise. dylan apparently told his parents he didn't always sleep during the night. they didn't believe him until they saw the video. >> this is a little sped having the run of the house. >> maybe this is what i should do. it's a tangle of multiple symptoms. ? ? trintellix (vortioxetine) is a prescription medicine for depression. trintellix may start to untangle or help improve the multiple symptoms of depression.
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checking our top stories, hillary clinton is holding a 12-point lead over donald trump in a new abc news poll. clint season campaigning in new hampshire today. while trump spends another day on the trail in florida. iraqi forces have begun shelling positions near mosul. as the struggle to retake the city starts the second week. ash carter says the mosul is going as planned. thousands of migrants are being evacuated. they'll be able to apply for asyl asylum. most want to go the britain. a new storm system moving to the west coast bringing rain and gusty winds. dry and warm in the south. and some morning showers possible in the northeast corridor. and finally, some american soldiers and their families are outraged this morning over a financial mixup.
4:58 am
awarded bonuses by the national guard. now the defense department says those bonuses should haven't been paid out and it's asking for its money back. >> reporter: thousands of soldiers fighting a new battle against the military they once proudly served. >> i had done everything they asked of me. these were promises that were made. >> it's caused stress and anxiety on my entire family. >> it was a slap in the face. >> if we could wave the magic wand and make all this go away, we would. then we would be breaking the law. >> reporter: now the military wants the money back from thousands of soldiers. bonuses were supposed to go to soldiers with skills in high demand. the pentagon says they paid out bonuses to soldiers that never should have qualified.
4:59 am
>> month after month, we were paying about $1300. >> reporter: he's now forced to refinance his home to repay $46 hours to in bonuses. >> you have thousands of soldiers having to pay this money back. >> reporter: brian refused to pay. >> i felt totally betrayed by my commanders. >> reporter: the pentagon waived his bonus he's not dropping his case for the sake of his fellow soldiers. eva pilgrim, abc news, new york. >> the california national guard says it's already waived repayment of $37 million in bonuses. that doesn't mean every is now debt-free. >> thousands of soldiers are still on the hook for a lot of money. gnat's what's making news in america this monday morning. >> do stay with us for "good morning america." have great monday, everybody,
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>> it's unbelievable. i can't even imagine it. sean: now on daybreak heartbreak in nashua local police say the body of a missing teenager has been recovered and services will be available today for classmates growing gap new polls show hillary clinton pulling ahead in the race for the white house but donald trump says don't coun kevin: partial clearing this morning setting up a chilly breeze and a cooler pattern, what that means as the next system approaches ahead sean: unauthorized access how two people say they were able to get on board a flight to boston hours before the plane was set to leave.


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